About the neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of Lanxmeer is a former farmland that encloses a protected drinkwater extraction area. Normally it is not allowed to build around such areas, but special foundation techniques and special landscape design made it possible to create a neighbourhood like Lanxmeer.

In order not to disturb ground layers houses have a five foot thick foam concrete foundation instead of piles. And retention pools have a non permeable floor to prevent rainwater running off from roofs and street surfaces mixing with the ground water.

So the existing situation demanded several adaptations, but offered a lot of opportunities too. Who does not like to have an orchard (the drinkwater extraction area) in the middle of his or her neighbourhood?

A group of people, forming the EVA foundation, certainly did. They created Lanxmeer, mostly in their minds. And the town of Culemborg made their dream come true. Welcome in Lanxmeer and its:
Residents participation
Energy saving
Water management
Community building
Future development